Brillania-K--Home Planet of Cozmo
Brillania-K is 903.77 light years from the Planet Earth, and is approximately one-half the earth's diameter. From above, Brillania-K looks as if it is totally covered in a blue water, which in fact it is. However, 10% of the surface is corshej (ankle) deep. Essentially all Brillanians live their lives wading in warm, ankle deep water. The ground under the water is a combination of sand and volcanic ore. There has never been any vegetable-like matter on Brillania-K. No trees, no fruits or vegetables. One of the biggest differences between our two worlds is that Brillania-K has no wood and no paper. All building materials resemble granite (or some shiny stone material) and glass. They do, however, produce a unique material called Tol. Tol comes in rolls, like our cloth, and can only be cut with a Tol-gad. Tol is used everywhere that the other materials are not suited for, including clothes, wall hangings, furniture, the outer covering of inter-planetary vessels and school supplies. Every young Brillanian carries a Tol notebook to school. Notes are written directly onto the Tol material with a finger. The imprint immediately darkens to provide a written record. When the student is done, the Tol is dipped into the water at his or her corshej's and is immediately cleaned. Since Tol is used for clothing, it is a common, young Brillanian prank to trace crude remarks on younger Brillanian's clothes, requiring them to either roll in the water or undress and soak their clothes in order to erase the "graffitti."

Brillania-K has two suns. The larger sun is three times farther from the Brillania-K as our sun is to Earth. A second, smaller sun rotates around Brillania-K like a very small moon. A typical day on Brillania-K is very dark and humid, with a constant fog-like mist everywhere. A typical night is totally dark with no mist. Sound travels a great distance in this humid environment. Every young Brillanian can recall, with great embarresment, hearing his or her mother calling from very, very great distances, with friends all teasing and laughing.

The people of Brillania-K work and live much like we do. There are families that live together in homes, and places to go to work. Everything they eat comes directly from the water or is processed from something that lives in the water.

One of Cozmo's favorite pastimes is bobbing for fen-tylks. At a social gathering, a large barrel of cool, clear water is brought out, with up to 10 live fen-tylks swimming inside. ( A fen-tylk is like our jellyfish except it is as flat as a piece of paper, measures approximately 10 inches by 10 inches, totally clear and has a sweet, cherry-like taste.) In a tub of water, they are impossible to see! The object is to grab a fen-tylk with your mouth before they "mount" your face. A mounted fen-tylk looks as if a large piece of clear bubblegum exploded all over your face. All young Brillanian's laugh long and hard when someone raises their head out of a tub of water with a mounted fen-tylk.

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