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History and FUN FACTS!

In 1923, Antonio Pasin founded the Liberty Coaster Company, later renamed Radio Flyer. Inspired by how automakers produced cars, metal Radio Flyer wagons are still the preferred way to haul around your toys and your friends.

In the early 1950's, Joe McVicker created a unique putty-like compound to clean wallpaper. His sister, a teacher, had complained that there was not a good modeling clay for small children. Mr. McVicker had his compound tested for safety and PlayDoh was born.

In 1963, a toy pretzel maker was about to be introduced to children as the Safety Bake Oven. TV broadcasters, not totally convinced on it's safety, prompted the name changed to Easy Bake Oven.

A French auto mechanic, Paul Chasse, created the Etch-A-Sketch in 1958. His original name for the product was "L 'Ecran Magique" - Magic Screen.

In 1934, a board game designed by Charles B. Darrow was rejected by Parker Brothers because it had "52 fundamental errors." After quickly selling 5000 sets that he made himself, Parker Brothers changed their mind and Monopoly was born.

Mr. Reyn Guyer invented the NERF ball in 1968. He had just created the game Twister.

Pluto Platter (Frisbee), Slinky and Magic Slate information coming soon!

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