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Hanging Stand holds 72-80 Footed Pez Dispensers

We designed our Hanging Stand for Pez dispensers to look like a big Pez dispenser poster!

Each of the six levels feature a custom groove for your Pez dispensers to slide into. Say good-bye to falling Pez! Our Hanging Stand works with any Pez dispenser with feet.

Have Pez without feet? Click Here!

Fully loaded, the hanging stand measures 16" Wide - 24" High - 3.75" Deep, and weighs only 6 lbs! The Hanging Stand attaches simply to your wall with two screws. The Hanging Stand will hold 72 - 80 footed pez dispensers.

The Hanging Stand is $99.95.

Shown with optional Dust Cover        

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Order Hanging Rack for
Pez dispensers

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Dust Cover with UV filtering

Our Dust Cover for the Hanging Stand will protect your Pez investment from dust and other airborne contaminants. It is also designed to filter 98% of all harmful ultraviolet light (UV-light).

UV-light will fade the colors on your Pez dispensers. CLICK HERE to see examples of Pez dispensers that have been damaged by sunlight and artifical light. Damaging ultraviolet light is present in sunlight, and in artificial light including halogen and fluorescent lamps.

Made from shatter-resistant, museum grade acrylic plastic, our Dust Cover installs in seconds, and secures safely to our Hanging Stand. Protect your Pez investment!

Each Dust Cover with UV filter is $115.95.

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Order UV/Filter Dust Cover

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Unsolicited Testimony Regarding the Hanging Pez Rack and U/V Cover,

"These are great. I made the mistake of ordering a different stand and it was terrible!" - Pamela Omidyar

Stands for Footed Pez Dispensers

Say goodbye to the Domino Theory!

Made from a lightweight, black plastic/fibre board, these custom stands can hold 8-10 footed pez dispensers. Slide your Pez dispensers into the groove and say good-bye to falling Pez! Works on any Pez dispenser with feet.

Each stand is $8.00.
Buy four stands for $28.00 - save $4.00!

The Grand Stand arranges 4 stands into an attractive Pez display. 32 to 40 of your Pez dispensers with feet are safely arranged in a 11" Wide x 10" Deep x 9.5" High area. The Grand Stands comes with one Step-Display and the four Stands for Pez dispensers.

The price is $40.00.

If you already own our Pez stands, you can purchase just the Step-Display for $12.00.

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Single Stand
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Four Stands
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Grand Stand
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Step Display
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Foot Adapter for Footless Pez

Now your older, footless Pez dispensers can be displayed and protected with all of our display systems for Pez dispensers.

Our Foot Adapter provides a "foot" for your footless Pez dispensers. The "foot" is custom designed to fit into our Hanging Rack for Pez, and our Grand Stand and single Stands.

Simply slide the two coated micro-wires on the Adapter into the front and back spines of your pez. The Adapter supports your dispenser from the inside. Your footless Pez dispensers can now slide into the custom groove of all our display systems. Your valuable, footless dispensers can say "goodbye" to the Domino Theory! Protect your Pez investment!

The Foot Adapter is $3.00.

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The Hot Wheels cars on top of each dispenser twist-off!

Set the car down, pull back, and watch them go!

Race your friends! Tease your pets!

This set of two features new mechanical twist-off attachment.

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Slide your LEGO bricks into the custom groove and start building and displaying!

BRICK RACK Model 7 can display 175 Minifigures.