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New Pez on Display at the
Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia 1995-1997

Wolfman, Ringmaster, Sylvester, Vitamins
Wolfman (ca. 1960s) & Ringmaster (ca. 1960s) dot Sylvester Cat (1996) dot Pez Vitamins from Holland

Baseball Glove, Panda, Easter Bunny, Frankenstein
Baseball Glove (ca. 1960s) dot Panda (ca. 1970s) dot Easter Bunny "B" (ca. 1960s) dot Frankenstein (ca. 1960s)

Batman (rubber head), "Bubble Gum" Boy, Die-cut Bozo, Dalmation Stick Pin, Golden Glow Regular

Pez Candy Shooter, Easter Craft Set, Daniel Boone, Red Hat Smurf, Dopey

New Batman, Yosemite Sam, Tasmanian Devil, Speedy Gonzales, and Santa Body Part/Craft Set

Olympic Snowman [1976], Peter Pan & Tinkerbelle, [1969]Boy with Cap [1965] & Indian Brave [1971],

Truck Series A [1970], Li'l Lion [1960's], Engineer Pez Pal [1970], European Rooster Whistle,
Full Body Spaceman [1950's], Snow White [1960's] Knight Pez Pal [1960's], Olive [1950's]

The New Pez Peppermint Regulars

The New Pez Regulars

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