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ultimate fantasy dispenser
Introducing the

Imagine yourself, your friends, or your favorite moviestar as your favorite candy dispenser. Slide your favorite picture into the ULTIMATE FANTASY DISPENSER'S clear acrylic 2" x 1.5" frame and create your own unique dispenser. The ULTIMATE FANTASY DISPENSER is a full working dispenser of Pez candy, and comes with 4 refill packs of candy.

Each ULTIMATE FANTASY DISPENSER is $17.95. Stem color will vary.

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Having a Birthday Party
or Business Event?

We can custom build your Fantasy Dispensers. Mail or e-mail us your photograph, and we will size and cut to fit. Custom Candy wrappers are created with your special message. Each dispenser is wrapped with 4 Pez candy refills. Minimum order of 10 dispensers.

$150.00 for 10 custom dispensers. Allow 4 days plus shipping time for delivery.

custom fantasy dispenser

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fantasy Magical 8 ball
Fantasy Magical 8 Ball

Can't make up your mind? Finding it hard to make decisions? Our Magical Eight Ball Fantasy Pez Dispenser is for you!

Just ask it a question, and turn it over for your answer! Your answer appears magically in the rear window!

This is a real working dispenser AND a real working Magical 8 Ball!

Price is $14.95.

magic eight ball

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Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia

Coffee, tea, or Cocoa Marsh flavored milk all taste better in the Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia Mug. Blue letters appear on both front and back for left and right handed drinkers!

The Gift-mug comes with your selection of two current/bag Pez, gift wrapped in clear cellophane.

The mug is $5.99. The Gift-mug is $7.99. Makes a perfect gift!

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Click Here to Order Museum Gift Mug
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Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia
Gift Certificate

Too many choices?

Forgot what that special Pez collector already has in their collection?

Our unique Gift Certificates can be made in the dollar amount of your choice and mailed directly to your Pez collector! Note: If you want to get a $30.00 Gift Certificate, order one $10.00 and one $20.00.

Click Here to Order $10.00 Certificate
Click Here to Order $20.00 Certificate
Click Here to Order $50.00 Certificate
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grand stand Grand Stands will display
and protect your Pez Dispensers.

Put an end to the Pez "Domino Theory"! Our

  Stands for "footed" Pez  

display, hold and protect your favorite Pez dispensers. Also see our
  Signature Series Display stands  

  Hanging Display Rack  
  holds 72-80 Pez  


Happy Face Fantasy Dispenser

This is our newest Fantasy dispenser.

Since the 1970's are making a comeback (gulp), here is one of that decade's icons!

Crazy Daisy, Peace Symbol, Hearts and Bell Bottom pants are not included.

Price is $14.95.

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Pezztacular Silk Flower Bouquets
Pezztacular Gift Baskets

The Pezztacular Silk Flower Bouquets are made with beautiful silk flowers and your favorite Pez dispensers. We have three unique arrangements that will sure to please that special someone.

Our Pezztacular Gift Baskets make a great Pez collecting starter kit!

Perfect for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions.

  Pezztacular Silk Flower Bouquet  

Prices start at $34.95


VISA - MasterCard - Discover gladly accepted.

If you prefer, you can also order by telephone. Please call (650) 347-2301.
Our hours are 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Pacific Time, Tuesday - Saturday.

You can also order by mail or fax:
Print out
  the order form  
and mail to:
Computer Spectrum c/o Pez
214 California Drive, Burlingame, California USA 94010.
Our fax number is (650)347-3840.

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